There’s a very real force that brings you here, right now. You are longing to share what is inside you and the universe is longing to receive it! If you’re a fan of The Secret, it’s time for Discover the Gift. More than a philosophy, it is a guided journey abundant with the ways to […]

I’ve been on a spiritual journey to create peace within my family ever since I watched this film Discover the Gift. It’s been a heart awakening experience for me. I know it won’t be an easy one, but it’s one that I’m willing to endure. The love I have for my family since watching the […]

“This movie was so emotional for me…it took me to another level of awakening/transformation…an AMAZING movie! Thank you.” Love, Anita N.

For barely two months now, I am happy to tell that great things keep drawing close to me. I can’t exactly describe how grateful I am with Shajen and Discover the Gift. I once wrote to you this in exact words “I always dream to seek for someone to whom I can share my passion […]

Hi Shajen! It’s a pleasure to connect with you! Am literally in the process of reading Discover the Gift! A Triple-A read (Amazing, Awesome, Authentic)! Namaste ·٠•●♥

Steve R., Encinitas, CA Seeing the film “Discover the Gift” was a powerful experience for me, first, in giving me perspective on my own internal battles and releasing anger and disappointment to create a powerful, new chapter in my own life. Four weeks after seeing the movie, I found myself on the Colorado River with […]

This week we’ve explored the transformative power of questions. Today, we’re thrilled to share Mark Victor Hansen’s mantra practice with you. We hope you’ll give it a try and come back to leave a comment sharing your experience.

The HeartBEAT of Love by Christine Stevens “The Creator loved the drum so much He gave everyone a heartbeat.” ~Navajo saying The language of music is universal. When spoken language falls short, you can connect through music. Rhythm is a Gift within every person.

Watch the video interview! Demian: People have been so grateful that we’re here. And my experience is that I’m grateful that they’re watching. Shajen: Me as well. I’m just so grateful and honored that they’re watching and that they’re hearing it and feeling the message of Discover the Gift.

Watch the video interview! It was really a gift to be here. To be able to walk in and share the intimacy of this personal message with all of us was really neat. It was a wonderful film and it was great to see the love that the whole film displayed – and to see […]