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(New York, NY, October 6, 2010) Harmony Books, an imprint of the Crown Publishing division of Random House, Inc., has acquired the world English rights to Discover the Gift, a feature-length inspirational documentary film created and directed by Demian Lichtenstein, as well as to a companion book of the same title written by Mr. Lichtenstein and his sister Shajen Joy Aziz.

Michael Palgon, Executive Vice President, Deputy Publisher, Crown Publishing Group and Tina Constable, Senior Vice President, Publisher, negotiated the deal with Peter Miller, President of PMA Literary and Film Management on behalf of Crown.

The film will be distributed via DVD and VOD in March 2011 and the book will be published in hardcover in May 2011. Both film and book will be distributed electronically and in a limited theatrical release throughout the English speaking world.

Foreign rights to the book and the film have been sold by Miller in seven countries: Germany, Korea, Brazil, Israel, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Taiwan with other deals pending.

The 97 minute motion picture Discover the Gift stars transformational teachers and leaders such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jack Canfield, and Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Michael Bernard Beckwith, featured speaker of The Secret and author of Spiritual Liberation. Other luminary spiritual leaders and accomplished educators featured in Discover the Gift include Shajen Joy Aziz, Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Sonia Powers, Dr. Sue Morter, Mary Manin Morrissey, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, David “Avocado” Wolf, Nuirka Hernandez, Cheryl Hunter, John Castagnini, and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The film was created, produced and directed by Demian Lichtenstein with Executive Producers, Shajen Joy Aziz, Peter Ferentinos, Sydney and Michael Cresci, Rev. Rick Mars, and Co- Producer Cherif Aziz.

Discover the Gift introduces The Gift, a compelling and broadly appealing concept that encapsulates the wisdom one needs to unlock their fullest potential. It’s a means to finding happiness and peace by living the life they were meant to live. This whole-life path is for anyone seeking a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Though a great deal of attention has been focused by a multitude of books and movies on the Law of Attraction, the other Universal Spiritual Laws which govern our existence have been left out. Discover the Gift reveals how all Universal Laws and Principles work in combination with each other as well as how knowledge of only one law leaves individuals without the basic understanding of how all Universal Spiritual Laws and Principles work together, with integrity, to form a unified filed of consciousness. Demian Lichtenstein began his career as a child actor performing at Joseph Papp’s Public Theater in New York. While still at NYU, Lichtenstein won an MTV award for Best Independent Music Video and went on to produce and direct over 250 others for artists including Sting and Eric Clapton. He made his first feature film, Lowball, for the Showtime Network and then wrote, produced, and directed 3000 Miles to Graceland for Warner Brothers. Lichtenstein currently serves as the CEO of Equilibrium Entertainment and lives in Los Angeles and New York City. Shajen Joy Aziz has a master’s degree in education from Norwich University and is completing her PhD in human development and organizational systems. Her passion is improving the lives of children through the education of parents, adults, educators, and communities. In pursuit of this she has used her twenty years of experience in various aspects of education to help create her family company, Equilibrium Entertainment. As Executive Producer and director of operations for Equilibrium Entertainment, Shajen strongly believes in using all forms of media to advance our highest ideals and create a sanctuary for the creative mind. Shajen lives with her family in Los Angeles.

“Both the film and motivational book Discover the Gift unveil the basic reality that there are Gifts in all circumstances if we look for them; they are simply awaiting our discovery” says Aziz. “Most important, the book illuminates that inside each of us is an extraordinary Gift seeking to express itself. And that the degree to which individuals discover, nurture, educate and allow the miracle of their Gift to live is in direct proportion to the degree to which they will experience joy, power, fulfillment, freedom, and unconditional love.”

Said Demian Lichtenstein, “What you have put into the unified field of Energy is what you will receive from the unified field of Energy. This is the Infinity Feedback Loop of Creation. When one discovers and shares their gift, it inspires others to do the same and thus all become active players in the planetary shift in consciousness.”

“We’re thrilled to be the co-producer and distributor of this groundbreaking project,” said Constable. “We believe that Demian and Shajen, and their team at Equilibrium Entertainment, have created a film and book that illuminates a complex topic with profound simplicity. We believe Discover the Gift will truly launch a global movement in spiritual growth, and we are delighted to be a part of it.”

Please visit to view the trailer for the film as well as more information on this inspiring project.

The Crown Publishing Group is a division of Random House, Inc., whose parent company is Bertelsmann AG.

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